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Medical writers (MWs) face a host of career issues, some of which are quite different than those for other writers or professionals in general.

For example, MWs work in a little-understood profession. It’s often true that hiring managers, colleagues, human resources staff, and recruiters don’t know much about medical writing or what medical writers do. Sometimes this makes it hard for medical writers to get the job interviews for which they’re qualified. It also means they are sometimes asked to do tasks within their organizations that aren’t appropriate for the medical writer role.

Other career issues exist for MWs, too. Not the least of these is whether choosing medical writing as a career track is the wise course. Or whether transitioning into medical writing from another career makes sense.

For many seeking to transition into medical writing from another career, the question of education looms large. This section will provide you with information on webinars, online courses, and in-person educational opportunities that are appropriate for those entering medical writing, and also for those who want to keep their knowledge levels current.

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