people on RolodexMarketing is a big issue for medical writers, whether employee or independent contractor. Either way, it’s important for your name to be in the public eye. How will recruiters find you for that next step up the ladder? How will you find your next client if you’re a consultant?

Getting known isn’t easy. Many of us aren’t used to tooting our own horns, and the very idea can be uncomfortable. But even so, it’s easier than ever to network–to get our names “out there.” The power of networking through social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Twibes (Twitter special-interest groups), and Facebook, can be amazing. You can–and should–use these resources to make sure you are known to people who you can help, or people who can help you.

In these pages I’ll talk about my experience with these networking tools, and will suggest ways you can use them to market yourself as a writer. Many of the ideas presented here will also apply to those of you non-writers who want to market yourselves.

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