Susan Oct 2013Hope you enjoy my blog about the technicalities and business of medical writing. I’d like to share with you my ideas about medical writing methods, tips and tricks about using medical writing tools, how to get into medical writing, medical writing training and sources, and much more.

I’ve been in medical writing management since 1995, and have drawn on my experiences in the topics I write about here.

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Enjoy my blog!

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  1. Sripriya says:

    Hi Susan, very interesting to read about your note here..I am a technical writer and would like to know more on medical writing.
    kindly answer my question – How techwriting can be used in medical system other than user guide development for certain medical equipments? – thanks

    • Sripriya,

      If I understand your question correctly, you want to know how technical writing can be used in a medical device setting, other than to write user manuals. Medical devices require regulatory documentation during their development as products, and the medical writer generates the documentation. To do so, the writer must know, understand, and adhere to the regulations (eg, the FDA’s CDRH regulations) that apply to the medical device in development. Such documents can describe the manufacture of the device, the clinical trials the device has been through and the results from those trials, and many more areas.

      Hope this helps,


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