With Matt Gemmell’s permission, I highly recommend his blog article, Working From Home. He’s been working from home for over 7 years, and certainly knows wherewith he speaks. Although not a medical writer, he IS a writer, and his musings reflect, to a large extent, what happens when medical writers try to work from home.

Lots of questions surface when people think about working from home, especially if it’s to be a full-time arrangement. Matt answers many of those questions, among them the main problem–being disciplined:  “The main problem you’ll encounter when working from home is… well, you. We need constraints in order to reinforce productive behaviour. The idea of a work ethic goes out the window for most people when no-one is looking over your shoulder. Some people can just work diligently, regardless of whether anyone is checking up on them. That’s fantastic. Most of us, however, need some help.”

Matt goes on to discuss the ways  we can make our work at home productive and enjoyable–and I think he nails the issues thoughtfully and honestly. Hope you find his article helpful.

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About Susan E Caldwell, PhD

Medical writer and author (since 1995), passionate writer (most of my life), PhD scientist (medical microbiology and immunology), lover of music, voracious reader, and eternal optimist.

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